Program Basics

Program Basics

The Referral. Any Dental Care Group patient (a “Referrer”) who has registered for the Refer-a-Friend program can make a referral by providing the email address of a friend to a Dental Care Group employee or at or at or at By providing the email address, the Referrer authorizes The Dental Care Group to send an email on the Referrer’s behalf to the individual (a “Referred Person”) inviting them to schedule an appointment at The Dental Care Group and explaining the $99 New Patient Offer. If the Referred Person schedules an appointment at any of The Dental Care Group offices and makes a payment of at least $1, the Referrer will receive a $25 American Express Gift Card. To earn a $25 American Express Gift Card, the Referrer Person must:
  • Be an active patient of The Dental Care Group.
  • The Referred Person must make an appointment.
  • The Referred Person must have made a payment of at least $1 on one of the visits to The Dental Care Group.
  • The Referred Person cannot be a medicaid patient.

Eligibility and Exclusions. Must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for reward. Employees of The Dental Care Group are not eligible. The Dental Care Group may report the value of the bonus to the IRS; anyone whose tax status would require The Dental Care Group to impose tax withholding of any sort will not be eligible for a reward. If ineligible for any reason, no notice or reward will be provided. Offer subject to change without notice — including special offers.

Emails. Your friends’ email addresses will only be used for the program, not sold to third parties or used for other marketing solicitations. If the email address provided to us by the Referrer is on our opt-out list or incorrect, the referral may not be received.

Reward Cards. Reward Cards will not be reissued after the expiration date on the card. Referrers will be contacted by The Dental Care Group by phone or email to let them know that their Rewards Card is ready to be picked up (after the referred person meets the requirements). Reward Cards are subject to the Terms and Conditions delivered with the cards, including transaction-type limitations.

Maximum Reward. If one recipient receives more than one referral, only the first Referrer to send a referral (according to The Dental Care Group’ records) may receive a reward. This offer may not be combined with other offers and may end or be changed without notice.

Status of Incentive. By participating in the program, each party waives all rights of privacy and confidentiality relating to their status as a Dental Care Group patient, and releases The Dental Care Group and its employees from all liability in this respect.
We reserve the right to disqualify any individual from the Program if we deem solely that a person is not operating in the spirit of the Program.

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