4 Tips to Make Your Teeth Happy Again

4 Tips to Make Your Teeth Happy Again

Dental care is just as important as your overall health. After all, your teeth need a little bit of loving too! Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for your teeth to feel sensitive and brittle if they aren’t being taken care of properly.

Brittle and weak teeth tend to require expensive dental services. So here are some simple ways for you to take care of your teeth so they don’t act up anymore!

Be careful when you brush
It is all too easy to brush too hard. Many people tend to scrub their teeth and brush side to side when all it does is irritate gums and wear down tooth enamel. Instead, brush softly in small circles on each tooth, and as a rule of thumb if your toothbrush is frayed, you’re being too harsh!

Watch your mouthwash
Some mouthwashes can be full of chemicals and alcohol that can irritate your entire mouth. Pay attention to what you use — your mouthwash should never burn or feel like it is stinging. Try to pick an alcohol-free version, or ask your dentist for any recommendations.

Don’t leave cavities untreated
While this may seem obvious to some, many people don’t actually visit the dentist as often as they should. In fact, the average time people wait for a dental appointment is three years. Not going to the dentist as often as you should can actually be detrimental and lead to all kinds of types of dental emergencies; a cavity that goes untreated can spread decay to your other teeth, your gums, and even infect your jaw.

Avoid acidic foods
Acid easily wears the enamel down on your teeth, and once the enamel is gone it is gone forever. You can prevent this from happening by cutting down the amount of acidic food and beverages you eat, such as coffee, juice, and fruit. If you do want to eat them, however, just make sure to brush as soon as possible after.

Just stay away from these potential threats to your teeth, and you’ll have a beautiful smile for years to come!

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